[Money] Why I Pick Up Coins

I started picking up coins some years ago. I thought I would help those in need and let no asset go to waste.

I picked up coins anywhere I went and in SoCal, you would be amazed how many people don’t care about change.

The most common coins that I pick are pennies but I also pick up a lot of dimes and nickels.

Occasionally, I would pick up a quarter. Quarters are less prevalent because they are used for laundry machines often.

Anyway, after about four to five years of collecting, I went to coinstar to see how much I collected.

From: Amazon

Yup, the $5 Amazon Credit, gave me some motivation-

I didn’t know how much I collected until I grabbed the coin jars…wow, they were not light-

And it took me a while to put all the coins into the machine-

So how much did I collect over the years?

$48.99! Wow! I was shocked!

From: coinstar receipt

Thank You Jesus for all the coins!

I thought it would be barely $30 may be?

But then I realized that I got a lot of quarters from friends who did not want to carry change- That explained the 106 quarters-

The 132 dimes I sort of knew because people just lose them and don’t care as much, not sure why…

I am very thankful for coinstar collecting the coins in time of coin shortage and I am thankful for the $5 Amazon credit.

$40 dollars will be donated ^^

The $9 will be may be invested using Acorns? Or will get a nice latte for my wife ^^

Thank You Jesus for all Your blessings. Let us be more thankful and share Your love and blessings-

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