[Economics] Deadweight Loss of Christmas

Today, I cover one classic economics paper, “The Deadweight Loss of Christmas.” I love this paper. In fact, this paper confirmed that I made the right choice to major economics. The paper’s summary is that gift giving creates dead weight loss because it takes time to think about the gift, Continue Reading

[Research] Amazon Prime Day Deals for PhDs and Researchers

Good old PhD days, where I made budget stretch- By grace of God, I have survived and graduated. Thank You Jesus for all Your love and mercy. So today is Amazon Prime Day 2020– A great day to browse online all the things that you wanted to buy but you Continue Reading

[Economics] What to Buy on Amazon Prime Day 2020

Amazon Prime Day is here- I remember writing somewhere to look for deals on Prime Day- But I just realized that it was today after checking my email before winding down… Be nice to your professors and also those who have young babies- Life is quite busy for them- Always Continue Reading