[Investing] No End in Sight for Movie Theaters

Wow- now you can rent a whole theater at AMC starting at $99-

Great for surprise dates and proposals- But with COVID19 even romance seems to be decreasing….

Is this the end of theater as we know it?

Probably, for now, I can see some theaters creating pods/ covered booths for couples to see movies but that is costly.

Also, once the government declares the COVID19 pandemic over, things will go back to normal sort of. Look at Wuhan- They have parties in water parks and more.

So investing in pods/ covered booths seems too risky.

Now, what can they do until the COVID19 threat sort of dies down.

Not much really…

It is not easy to repurpose a movie theater for other uses.

But here are two ideas…

  1. For those movie theaters located in prime real estate, they can turn it into an Amazon fulfillment and Amazon locker center. As long as the there is no damage, this should bring some cash flow.
  2. Rent out the theater to musicians/ artists. Movie theaters have good noise control so musicians can practice there? sort of…

Unfortunately, both ideas don’t seem that good.

Yup, movie theaters are in a real bad position….

Let’s pray that COVID19 ends soon-

Thank You Jesus for all Your love and mercy.

Let us not worry but always be strong in You Jesus Amen-

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