[Money] Inflation Coming at You-

Recently, I have been buying anything that can last at least more than three months-

Why? Because inflation is here-

Meat is becoming more expensive! Fruits are also becoming more expensive-

Restaurant food prices are increasing- And oil price is uuuuup, which means prices for everything will go up- I regret not filling my gas last week but I still managed to save $2-3 dollars.

So if you have money, then it is not a bad idea to buy before the price rises more.

After all your bank account doesn’t pay you much.

But if you shop at Costco and stockpile items on discount, you can easily get 20% off-

I have bought detergents, coffee, rice, and canned foods from Costco when they were on sale-

I would have bought more detergents but my wife would have punched me so…

Yes, I have also stockpiled Spam as well.

So far it has worked out well- We saved money and time by making less grocery trips. And we are heavily caffeinated with good coffee.

My wife thought I was being overzealous and complained that our home was too small but after checking the grocery bills, she is happy with the stockpiling.

Too bad we can’t stockpile fruits but my wife froze some blueberries so that is a start. We wish we had a separate freezer but that will not be happening with our home’s size.

Anyway, the bottom line is if you can stockpile on things that you need and will last more than three months. You will save money-

Thank You Jesus for a blessed day. Let us always be thankful and give You all the glory Amen-

Rejoice at all times. Pray without ceasing. Give thanks in every circumstance, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.

1 Thessalonians 5: 16-18

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