[Research] Amazon Prime Day Deals for PhDs and Researchers

Good old PhD days, where I made budget stretch-

By grace of God, I have survived and graduated.

Thank You Jesus for all Your love and mercy.

So today is Amazon Prime Day 2020

A great day to browse online all the things that you wanted to buy but you could not do so-

A great distraction from your research but hey- we are only human- Those hot deals go by so quickly-

Today, I would like to share some deals that is helpful for your research so you have excuses to spend time browsing Amazon-


From: Amazon

Get the largest and best monitor that you can afford! My biggest regrets is not splurging on a large monitor during my PhD. I got a big one when I became a professor and it was wow!

I am not an expert on monitors but larger more expensive monitors are better. In my experience, LG and Samsung monitors are the best. I like LG a bit more but others think Samsung better. Anyway, get the best monitor that you can for your eyes, you will need them for many many years.

As a researcher you may have to spend a ton of time running code and writing so large monitors are necessary for efficiency and your health 😀

PhD students please don’t skimp on monitors, your eyes will last longer and you will be happier.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

From: Amazon

Noise cancelling really helps 😀 I had noise cancelling earphones…they were Bose and I lost them…my wife was not amused because I lost it less than a month after buying it. The funny thing or the sad thing is that I lost the whole case…don’t know how it happened.

Anyway, get some noise cancelling headphone, it really helps if you have a noisy office. I didn’t have noisy office but LA traffic is horrible and they will honk and yell. Living in Korea Town that was every day. Then we had choppers fly over- Noise Cancelling headphone/earphone would have helped.

The noise cancelling can’t block out everything but it will block out a lot and give you some inner peace, which you really need as a researcher or a PhD student.

External Hard Drive

From: Amazon

Always back up your data. Yes, we have cloud storage. But always back up your data for redundancy. You will have more peace of mind and you can focus on research more. I have seen numerous PhDs and professors lose data. Not cool….

Personally, I like WD but Seagate has worked out for me as well. Over the years, only one external hard drive really failed. So I have been thankful.

Let me know in the comments if you have other Amazon Prime deals for PhDs and researchers.

Thank You Jesus for all Your love and mercy. Let us be more thankful everyday. Amen-

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