[Investing] 2020/10/12 Week Update

Another mmm..not so normal week. Not so much action just some ups and downs-

No more Stimulus- wait may be? just may be?

Oil up and down-

If you were swing trading, it would have been fine.

I think swing traded a bit but it was Ok.

Swing trading is not easy…and position sizing is an art. Still learning-

So yeah…ok week.

Next week, I think it will be similar.

There will be more Trump and Biden bashing, which don’t seem to have much effect on the markets- Thanks God-

There might be some negative events such as Turkey escalating things and may be Iran do something crazy?

I would be long oil and gold- (I am long on both).

China’s aggression towards Taiwan is serious but market doesn’t seem to mind as much.

I don’t think there will be a stimulus before the election but if there is God bless America-

For next week, I would be a bit more long gold and oil.

Thank You Jesus for the stock market. I am thankful that we can invest and use those riches to further Your Kingdom. Amen-

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