[Investing] 2020/10/5 Week Update

Not a bad week for the markets or me-

I was happy to see some of my REITs rise. Also, gold miners had some recovery-

I sold some gold positions to balance my portfolio a bit.

I also sold some housing REITs (IRT and BRG). They rose a bit too fast.

BRG Bluerock Residential Growth REIT, Inc. daily Stock Chart
From: Finviz
IRT Independence Realty Trust, Inc. daily Stock Chart
From: Finviz

I am still long housing REITS- I have nice size positions. But I sold some because they rose too quickly.

Nobody went broke for taking profits. In these volatile times, taking profits help-

I have no idea what Trump or Biden would do next week. Also, things are heating up in Turkey, Armenia, and Azerbaijan. Plus, Iran and North Korea will always do something crazy before the elections.

Given the some increased political risk, I am going to go into cash.

However, I did buy more oil stocks. FANG and EPM have been crushed despite the oil price rising.

FANG Diamondback Energy, Inc. daily Stock Chart
From: Finviz
EPM Evolution Petroleum Corporation daily Stock Chart
From: EPM

I can hold on to FANG and EPM for the long term as they are undervalued and don’t have much debt. Given the highly likelihood that Iran and North Korea will do something and Turkey moving more aggressively, I think the likelihood of oil prices rising is higher.

Those are my main moves this week.

My outlook for the next few weeks? More volatility because of higher political risk-

Praying for America!

Jesus, I pray that we do not hate each other but be filled with Your love and grace and become united under You Lord. Amen!

God bless America!

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