[Research] What Do Researchers Do All Day?

What do researchers do all day?

Great question- I got this question a lot from friends and students-

So here is how my day looks like these days-

Get up- wake up wife and baby.

Read bible and eat breakfast.

Check stocks and email.

Then Research-

I used to read papers in the morning but it’s hard to read papers when you have a screaming baby-

So these days, I usually clean some data. I don’t do too much in the morning-

I like to think about research questions and what to do with my paper while I leisurely clean the data.

Lunch comes quite quickly- And I need to feed the baby and take care of the house.

After lunch, I clean data again because I am stuffed and can’t concentrate.

Around 2:00-3:00PM, I read some papers. Run some regressions/analysis-

In the mean time, I am answering emails. I try to answer emails when I take a break from research. But urgent emails, I answer immediately-

When I have to teach, I usually prepare one hour before. Also, I revise and check my slides the day before. I plan out the lecture. It takes less time than before but still I always try to improve so it does take some time. I enjoy teaching-

So dinner comes along and my day is mostly done. I have to take care of the baby. There is a reason why they give more time on your tenure clock when you have a baby. Your baby requires ton of attention and love.

At night, I usually take care of administrative and teaching needs. More preparation.

After the baby sleeps, I go back to research. By this time, I am super tired but the show must go on. I get some research done. If I am not cleaning data, I am checking my research design.

I try to plan the research design ahead of time but with new research as I gather data, I need to adjust a bit.

Finally, I am off to bed. I try to finish everything and end up sleeping late, which is not efficient. But when you have a baby, you need to get as much as you can.

So that is a day of a researcher- Hope you find it amusing or helpful.

In future posts, I will write how my days were different during PhD-

Thank You Jesus for Your love and wisdom. Please give us more wisdom and insights! Amen!

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