[Investing] Investing Tools: Finviz

Finviz is one of my favorite research tools- I love how you can see the blocks of information well-

From: website

I can see the major indexes at the top then top gainers/top losers and then large caps are up to.

The news is ok. I like Yahoo financial news better-

I also love their charts. I was never a trend follower but after learning how to use some charts (I am still very new), I always look at charts.

Finviz charts are awesome. I use Etrade and the charts are manageable but I prefer Finviz’s charts.

I like the screener as well. It is not the most sophisticated but it gets the job done. I always look for firms that have crashed but have good profit margins.

The drawback is that I can’t see the historical financial statements so I need to either use quickfs.net or just read the firm’s 10-Ks, which is fine.

Overall, the charts and the screeners are very useful.

I used to be a paying customer but then etrade has gotten better so I just use it for free these days.

Thank you Finviz 😀

One of the stocks that I found through Finviz is Stamps.com (STMP). The stock has done quite well over time.

from: Tip Ranks

Of course, I missed the ride and I didn’t double down when it lost USPS.

If I did I would be up 5X- But that is another story for another day.

I bought at the near top and I am still recovering-

So why didn’t I buy more? Because management did not buy in- If it was so undervalued why wouldn’t management jump?

Anyway, I saw the charts going up but then I had to get married and when it started rising, I was waiting for pull back that didn’t really happen-

Oh well, lesson learned-

The lesson? Check your charts and buy at a small premium rather than missing the ride…

Hence, I am learned my lesson and now I buy stuff at a reasonable premium just like Warren Buffett-

Expensive lesson yet worth it-

Thank You Jesus for the useful investing tools. Let us always be humble and use the gains for Your Kingdom. Amen!

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