[Investing] Market’s Prediction on Who will Win: Trump Vs. Biden

Instead of waking up knowing who the new US president is-

We woke up to a bad political drama-

Wow, the frustration- Why can’t states finish on time?

We really need to fix the election system. Also, there are many allegations of fraud-

So better have voter ID and more verification of mailed-in-ballots in the future elections.

This is America not a developing nations with corruption issues-

Anyway, lot of fighting online on Twitter and also on the streets about who the winner is-

First, let’s all calm down. It is likely that the Supreme Court will decide the winner with all the lawsuits by Trump. So until then, let us just chill and be good citizens. Fighting other Americans and cops does not really do much to promote democracy, freedom, or other good things-

It gets people hurt, properties are destroyed, and eats the city’s budget by paying cops overtime, which will increase our taxes.

Of course, there is time to protest and demonstrate.

But let us chill first until we at least get a winner declared.

Now back to the main topic- So what do the markets think-

I was curious- So I looked at the coal ETF (KOL).

If Biden wins, coal will be history. You will see it on the books and museums.

So how did KOL do?

From: Finviz

Huh- not bad- I would have expected a crash- This shows that Biden’s victory is not perceived to be certain by the market yet.

Let’s see clean energy- if Biden wins clean energy will shoot to the stars-

TAN Invesco Solar ETF daily Stock Chart
From: Finviz
ICLN iShares Global Clean Energy ETF daily Stock Chart
From: Finviz

Solar ETF (TAN) and Clean Energy ETF(ICLN) both have dropped!

Wow- That’s a surprise. Well they did have the build up on the expectation that Biden would win.

But the drop today shows that the market is uncertain-

Ah- market uncertainty- Yup, even the market doesn’t know.

Things are getting more interesting as Trump camp claims that Arizona may switch to Trump and that Nevada may also be taken by Trump-

As of 1:33AM on Pacific time, S&P500 futures are positive- Wow-

May be they expect the stimulus to come out tomorrow?

Or less uncertainty about who will be the president?

I really don’t know.

But I will sell tomorrow if the market jumps. And I may also pick up some stocks that drop double digits-

Very interesting times to invest if you can stomach the volatility and have cash.

As always do your due diligence and manage your risk.

Thank You Jesus for another blessed day. I pray that You bless America and bring peace to the land. Amen-

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