[Investing] 2020/11/4

When I woke up today, I thought Trump would have won-

Nope- but stocks went up- Well, tech stocks jumped.

Gold miners and REITs took a beating-

I bought more gold miners and REITs. Not much just a little.

Because things are now becoming more complicated and violent.

What I don’t understand is why are they protesting? They have not even declared the winner yet-

Please use your frustration in a more positive manner-

Like cleaning up your neighborhood. Helping students with homework-

That is how you make America Great-

Then after you think something went wrong with the elections- You can go protest-

But for now please calm down and let’s see how everything plays out.

Tomorrow, I think markets will be fine. The gridlock seems to be a good thing at least for the markets.

I will sell my positions that I bought today if it is rises. If it falls, I will look for stocks that dropped double digits-

Stimulus is coming soon- So downside is limited for now-

Praying for America- God bless America-

Jesus, please bless America and heal the people and the land- Amen-

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