[Investing] 2020/11/9

Wow- What a ride-

I woke up and I started selling all the stuff that I could-

Oil jumped and my oil stocks #FANG and #EPM went berserk.

Of course, I sold some of both-

FANG Diamondback Energy, Inc. daily Stock Chart
From Finviz

I have been holding on to them knowing that they are undervalued-

But today was the day- I unloaded and I look forward to buying them back when Biden or some governor says we need more lockdowns-

REITs also rallied- Sold some #SKT- I have been a believer of #SKT for sometime- Wish I had bought more but I need to manage my position sizes.

SKT Tanger Factory Outlet Centers, Inc. daily Stock Chart
From: Finviz

Gold got dumped. So I bought #GOLD, #AG, #MUX and #HL. I swing traded. I will probably buy more if it drops again- I am not sure what other news Biden will say about COVID19 so I wanted to be safe.

I am bullish on gold but I will take quick profits when I can.

With Trump’s litigations and Biden already acting as president, the markets will fluctuate wildly-

And when the volatility is high- Cash is king-

Praying for America.

Thank You Jesus for another blessed day. Thank You Jesus for Your blessings. Let us be thankful and humble and share Your love and treasures with others Amen-

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