[Investing] 2021/5/5

2021 is already too interesting and we are not even half way there yet-

Yellen created a mess when she said inflation is coming but then she backtracked…

wow what policy mishap. She is getting old or she doesn’t care-

Anyway, never give too much power to the Fed or the treasury and you won’t have this big mess right now-

It may be sooner that inflation arrives and interest rise creating a crash….

Be ready before things really go down the hill-

I have been swing trading getting some gains as my buy and hold portfolio was getting destroyed-

Luckily, I am not down as much.

The past two days, I bought more housing REITs- IRT, BRG, and BRT. They will retain value-

So a nice sale. I bought some destroyed miners including AG and HL. Long silver.

I am 25% cash right now because there was a big sale the past two days so I bought a lot.

I expect to have 30% cash for the crashes that will keep happening.

So far I am up about 10% this year from swing trading, so I am not complaining. Dividend income

added another 1% so very thankful.

With more volatility ahead, I plan to keep swing trading and try to have as much cash as possible.

Because so much craziness is going on, I have allocated more money to prosper for diversification.

I may buy more AGNC and ARR, mortgage REITs for income. Unless the housing crashes, which is unlikely

residential mortgage REITs should be fine.

Everyone please play safe and stockpile if you can inflation is here.

All the places that I shopped recently COSTCO, Target, Amazon Fresh, and Whole Foods showed

some increases in price from baby products to food. Yup, so if you can buy stuff that can last for sometime.

Not a bad idea to stockpile. So recently, I bought more toothpaste, tooth brush, soap, dried and canned food.

Be wise and be ready.

God bless us all 😀

Rejoice at all times. Pray without ceasing. Give thanks in every circumstance, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.

1 Thessalonians 5: 16-18

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