[DAILY] 2020/11/9

Thank You Jesus for a blessed day-

I woke up early, yes thanks to my son…

Took a nap because 4 hours of sleep is not enough-

Prepared for class- Taught- Always thankful for my students 😀

Then took care of baby again haha-

My son is such a blessing.

While I was taking care of my son, I had to answer emails and do administrative tuff.

I am thankful for my job. I am so thankful that I can teach and do research.

I just wish I had more time.

The markets rallied so that was good. Swing trading is definitely not easy-

But learning more every day. Sold oil stocks and REITs- Bought gold miners- and swing traded some.

Thankful for God’s blessings.

After a beautiful dinner, we went to Costco. It was PACKED on a Monday night wow…

Thankful for all the merchandise. But that reminded me all those in need.

Jesus, let me be more humbled and blessed so I can give Your love and blessings to those in need-

Thank You Jesus for a blessed day. Let us always praise You and give You all the glory Amen!

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