[Investing] 2020/10/19 Week Update

Another week with nothing much-

Stimulus talks still ongoing- Probably, won’t happen next week.

More likely after elections-

Gold went down a bit and the market just stayed pretty much the same.

I swing traded a bit but the profits were low.

Still very thankful. Jesus, thank You for enabling me to swing trade.

Overall, I didn’t have much going on.

I am still waiting the time to deploy my cash.

Hopefully, after elections, I can put more money into stocks and just buy and hold…

Swing trading is not easy and I would rather see my investment over time.

Some thoughts about next week?

Some volatility- I can see Trump and Biden throwing last minute attacks and punches at each other-

Not a bad environment to swing trade but I think it will be like this week.

In sum, stay in cash and wait for the elections to end-

Praying for America! God bless America!

Thank You Jesus for America. Let us always be thankful and share Your love.

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