[Daily] 2020/10/24

Another blessed day-

Thank You Jesus for a blessed day-

Woke up late-

Did not need to look at the market-

Had good time with my son-

He really grows everyday, which is amazing and God’s grace.

Then ate lunch late.

I think this is the first Saturday that I took things easy in 2020.

And it felt great.

Sabbath has been created for man 😀

Rest day is good.

Then went to a mall near by that I have heard of but never went.

Really shocked to see so many cars and people waiting outside.

There might be some earnings surprises-

I’ll have to do some due diligence on restaurants.

Just amazed all the malls…so much abundance.

Yet we rising food insecurity and homeless.

Will definitely do more to help out and pray-

Overall, a very blessed Saturday.

Thank You Jesus for a blessed day. So thankful for all Your blessings.

Let us always be thankful and share Your love with others.

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