[Review] Zion Market

We were running out of fruits so we went to Zion Market.

Zion Market is a Korean grocery store that offers quite cheap prices.

Its fruits and meats are quite cheap for a good reason. Fruits are not high quality. Many have defects and bruises but they are very cheap. For instance, orange would be 99 cents per two pounds. Very cheap. The taste is not the best but good enough. Fuji apples are 99 cents per pound. The quality is Ok most of the times. And the price is definitely cheap.

The meat quality varies time to time but still cheap. You want a cheap cut then Zion is the place. Their marinated meat is also good but I think it is ok.

The instant noodles are also cheap but many have short expiration dates. So just be wary. Still cheap instant noodles very good!

Their random sales have good deals- So definitely you can save money. I have no idea how they come up with their deals but I am thankful. It saves me money.

People complain that Zion Market does not offer quality stuff. Mmmm…well, if you want quality, I suggest Whole Foods. They also complain that its service is very poor. Again, their whole business model is about cheap prices. They don’t spend much labor in making the fruits look nice. They just dump the fruits and you need to pick out the good ones. Yes, what you don’t pay in price, you pay with time. Definitely, higher search cost.

So if you don’t want to spend time looking for reasonable quality then it’s much better to shop at higher end groceries such as Whole Foods or H Mart for Korean food.

Shopping at Zion and complaining is like going to McDonald’s and demanding a Filet Mignon.

Go to Zion for cheap but relatively reasonable quality 😀

I see so many complaints online but Zion Market is doing quite well, especially as COVID19 has made people poorer with layoffs and other hardships.

Don’t expect Zion to change- They are thriving with their cheap but sort of reasonable quality.

I continue to shop at Zion because it eases the burden of my wallet. And I like to buy fruits that are not prime but are relatively good. If Zion didn’t take them many would end up in the dumpster. Yes, the instant noodles that would expire next month would also be in the dumpster. But I cooked the noodles so I am full and happy. So saving my wallet and the environment. Not bad 😀

Thank You Jesus for all Your love and mercy. Let us always be thankful and give You all the glory Amen 😀

Rejoice at all times. Pray without ceasing. Give thanks in every circumstance, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.

1 Thessalonians 5: 16-18

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