[Education] Political Bias in Wikipedia

I always suspected that there was some political bias in Wikipedia.

Well, I guess I was not wrong-

Indeed, there is some left leaning bias in Wikipedia.

Am I surprised? Nope- Wikipedia is lead by people and people have biases.

So I am not surprised.

Am I worried? A bit.

Here is the issue. For many people Wikipedia is not the place to start one’s research but rather the first and last place, one visits….

This is an issue because those individuals won’t have an opportunity debias themselves….

Many won’t go do further google searches and read other points of view….

And with Twitter, Facebook, and Google leaning left…it’s hard to get a more

balanced view-

So should we stop using Wikipedia-

My goodness…I would panic if Wikipedia disappears- After Google and YouTube, Wikipedia is the first place to search information- then Quora-

Yeah…without Wikipedia, things become very cumbersome-

So what should we do? Just know that Wikipedia has some bias and be aware of it. Also, let the Wikipedia Foundation know that we really care about neutrality-

Overall, still extremely thankful about Wikipedia- Look forward to more learning and exploring-

Thank You Jesus for another blessed day- Let us become wiser and more humble every day- Amen!

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