[Recruiting] Questions You Should You Never Ask

Recruiting season is here once again-

Because COVID19, lot of gloom and doom but no worries, we will recover-

So don’t be down but keep up the good work!

So What questions should you never ask?

Below are somethings that you should never ask if you want to increase your chance of employment-


Don’t ask questions that you can find answers on the firm’s websites. Don’t ask things like why is your firm special. If you don’t know go to their websites and you will see videos, pictures, and so much more telling what great firms they are.

Never ask anything that you can find the information in 30 seconds using Google

Also, don’t ask stuff that you can get information from 30 seconds of search on Google. Not sure how the real company culture is? Check out YouTube/reddit/Quora/Glassdoor. There will be some information there. There is ton of information about the firms online. Of course, not all of that information is useful but still there are bits of truth here and there. You have a smartphone, now it’s even easier.

Don’t ask specific career advice

Don’t ask questions like tax vs. audit or sales vs. trading-

The interviewer or the person from the networking session is there to assess good candidates for the firm. His main mission is to see who will work hard and produce value for the firm.

Of course, there are very nice people who want to help you. But let’s think about the incentives, in an interview, assessment of the candidate is the most important. In a networking session, assessment of potential talent is key. They won’t have much energy or time to give you career advice.

Also, realistically, how much career advice could you get in 10-15 minutes? The person probably has just met you…he doesn’t know you. He may actually not care so much either.

So don’t ask career questions-

If you need help with career, then get a mentor and go talk to the people in the career center!

Some other questions that you should never ask-

How does your firm differ with XX firm (competitor)?

Is this an investment/buyout interview? Are you interviewing the CEO?

Not good question. Obviously, the person will say that their firm is good and say some nice things about the competitor (never trash your competition, not professional). No one will say that their firm has issues. This question cannot elicit a good answer.

How is the industry evolving?

Another investment/buyout interview question? Are you on a consulting assignment? Don’t ask unless if you are really interested in the industry. And if you ask, please ask very specific questions. For instance, ask how COVID19 affects the industry’s cost cutting.

Where do you see your career heading? Or what do you think you will be doing in five years?

I would be more worried about my situation. The interviewer or the person at the networking session has a job. They are a bit better off then you. This is a bad question because they might not really know. And also why would they tell you? They won’t tell you if they plan to switch firms. Bad question because it doesn’t elicit a real answer.

I really need help- Can you help me?

You laugh but I have seen students beg to the HR person, first-year associate for help. Of course, there are kind souls that may help you but it is unprofessional to desperately ask for help. Also, they are there to assess you. Get help from your mentor and the career center.

Besides these questions, there is a ton of other bad questions. Actually, you can have infinitely bad questions…

For now, that is all for today.

Never ask any questions that you can google or find through the firms’ websites-

Thank You Jesus for another blessed day. Thank You God for enabling us to work and give You all the glory. Amen-

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