[Investing] Grey Owl Capital 2020 3Q Letter

I found out about Grey Owl either through a podcast or a blog.

They write nice concise letters that help your investing.

I always read the letter and learn something.

I just read Grey Owl’s 3Q letter. And here are my thoughts-

  1. Need to be always safe than very sorry. Always, have safe haven assets.
  2. When in doubt, run to utilities (XLU). Personally, I am a bit less risk averse and want more returns so I am not investing in utilities at least no yet.
  3. Increase to REITs (XLRE). I am long REITs. I like #AGNC, #BRG, and #IRT. They are still undervalued and I can wait while I get the dividends.
  4. Decrease exposure to tech. Can’t agree more. I just wish I rode the tech jump…I am too conservative sometimes…lesson learned.
  5. Trimming gold (GLD). I am also trimming gold a bit. I will go in after the election. For now, I just swing trade.

Overall, I enjoyed reading the investor letter. It was concise and informative.

Many people ask me about investing. And I always tell them to learn from the pros. Reading fund letters really helps a lot. And the great thing is that most of them are free. Plus, you can make some money if you spot a good idea.

Thank You Jesus for all Your love and mercy. Thank You Lord for fund letters, we can learn so much. Let us always be joyful and share Your blessings with others.

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