[Daily] Organizing and Cleaning Pictures

Today is Friday- Yay-

Got some work done and now, I am organizing and cleaning the pictures that I took for many years-

Thanks to the smartphone, I take a lot of pictures- And despite the advances in technology many of my photos are not good 🙁

Yup, that is what happens when you smash the picture button-

So many are cut or out of focus….really need to increase my photo skills.

But out of the thousands, some are ok and that is more than enough.

I have started selling photos for extra income and so far I made $1.5 from Shutterstock- Not bad- Another source of income-

I also use them for my blog pictures. Hope you enjoy them 😀

As I go through the pictures, first I realize that checking pictures take time. No wonder photographers have assistants haha-

But it also takes me back in to time- Wow- I was skinnier haha-

Fun times with my girl friend/wife- All the nice coffee shops and restaurants that we went together- I suddenly feel hungry-

Blessed time with family and friends- Very thankful for my family-

Thank You Jesus for my wonderful family-

Also, the good friends- Bless them Lord.

Ah- pictures are just wonderful. And smartphones really help you remember all the good things that Jesus has done for you 😀

I feel tired after deleting pictures for almost an hour- But I am so thankful for Jesus for protecting me and blessing me so much.

Best way to end a Friday 😀

Thank You Jesus for all Your love and blessings- Let us always praise You and give You all the glory Amen!

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