[Daily] 2020/11/7

Thank You Jesus for a blessed Saturday.

I woke up a bit later.

Played with my son. Then a friend visited and we had a good time.

I am really thankful for my friends.

Wish we could hang out more but I had to work and the baby needed to sleep.

Working on Saturdays is very normal for researchers but some days, I wish I could relax more.

However, I am thankful that I can work. Thank You Jesus.

I am also very thankful for the rain. The rain will prevent more wild fires and bring life to the scorched SoCal.

The temperature is cooler. I love it. Makes me feel more alive.

It takes longer to dress my son but I am thankful that we have clothing. We are thankful for our family sending us baby clothing. Thank You mom and dad 😀

Thank You Jesus for a blessed Saturday. Let us always be more thankful everyday 😀

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