[Investing] Why I Don’t Watch the Presidential Debates

As I write this post, Trump and Biden are duking it out on the final presidential debate-

But I am not watching. Why?

Because presidential debates do not correlate with who wins the presidency.

Most people already decided who to vote for and in 2020, many already mailed in their ballot-

So why watch? With that time, I could take a nap, exercise, or do something more productive.

Then why do presidential debates exist?

Well, it is one more piece of information for due diligence on the candidates.

But I believe its main purpose is to give ammunition for candidates to assault the other side.

They need last minute soundbites and ads to enhance their candidate and destroy the other side.

The presidential debate generates enough attention and at least for few days, people seem to care so it does help out somewhat.

But still research shows that presidential debates are not really associated with who wins the presidency.

Now the bigger question, who will win the election?

I think Trump will beat Biden. The support for Trump in his rallies are quite overwhelming. Also, I have never seen so many Trump flags and Trumps signs in SoCal-

For those, who don’t know Southern California, this place is the Democrat kingdom so it is really shocking to see so many Trump signs and flags.

Also, I will side with Jeffrey Gundlach, bond king, predicting Trump’s win.

And with JP Morgan’s Marko Kolanovic who also predicts Trump’s victory-

So should I bet on my prediction?

Eh, for now, I will just stick to my REITs and gold miners-

I may change my portfolio if Biden wins.

I will probably go even more long gold miners and build a position on clean energy-

Finally, the good news is that whoever wins the lockdowns will be much less and the stimulus will come and things should get a bit better 😀

God bless America!

Praying for America-

Thank You Jesus for America. I pray that You bless America and heal the land. Amen-

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